To you…with love – Anahata Yoga’s Story

As I sit down to write to you,there are multiple images flashing ,multiple images  mapping the 10 years since I first taught yoga to a group of 4 people on my friend’s terrace.

Never ever had I thought that this passion for yoga,this passion to teach and share  yoga will go such a long way.With a very humble beginning in 2009, every step taken was to fulfill a burning desire, to spread the benefits of yoga and make people realize that YOGA is for everyone.

With that vision was born ANAHATA YOGA ZONE,with the very first studio being established in 2010, and today, we are proud to say that we have 3 Studios and various Satellite Centres and Corporate Wellness sessions  and we have grown from one instructor to 15+ instructors, 2 students to more than 500 regular students.

We have conducted several batches of Teachers Training Course (TTC) that has helped many people choose yoga as a rewarding career, with many of them successfully running their own studios today.

The dream and vision was always very clear—to spread the benefits of yoga and influence as many people possible.We are dedicated to making our studios a place where yoga is considered as positive, fun and thoughtful. We inspire people to take up yoga because it’s better for their minds as well their bodies. We love the atmosphere that the friendliness of great classes creates and we believe that feeling fantastic is about creating positivity and joy together, not working in isolation. And, we’ve gone to great lengths to create spaces that reflect that!

As we grew,studio to studio,batch to batch,student to student,there were innumerable challenges,multiple hardships,but the love and faith from our students helped us overcome everything and we kept spreading our wings.

Adding multiple styles of yoga,conducting regular events and workshops and hosting various free yoga awareness programmes not only in Hyderabad but all over India.

Ofcourse, a major contribution in the growth of ANAHATA YOGA ZONE was the dedication and commitment of our instructors who shared the same passion and love to teach and spread.

We are eternally grateful to each and everyone who believed in us played a  role in the growth of Anahata!

Transformation is our message and Yoga is our medium

Now, as we move forward on this journey of transforming more lives through yoga and have people become the best version of themselves, we felt our brand needs to echo the same essence. And to strengthen that message, we decided to rebrand our logo and our image. We now travel onward with renewed vigour, renewed passion and a renewed image.

The Meaning behind Our New and Transformed Logo


Our logo stands for Anahata chakra, or heart chakra that is the fourth primary chakra – the seat where love, passion and compassion dwells. Anahata is associated with balance, calmness, and serenity, charity to others and psychic healing.The logo has a circle, symbolic of the chakra or wheel that is constantly in motion, depicting change. Change is a reality. The world around us is constantly changing as well as our physicality changes.You accept and flow with the change, but yet the essence of you remains unchanged.

The image of man in the centre of the chakra – ‘the urban yogi’ – with a hand on the heart represents radiating and receiving love.The colour green is the colour of the anahata chakra. It is the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, and prosperity.

Anahata is as much about feeling good as it is about looking good!

– Anahata Yoga Zone

Anahata Yoga Zone was borne out of love and our trainings reflect just that. So whether you’re an expert or a beginner, we will help you to fit a better body and a better mind into your life!

Come, join us as we transform ourselves and you.

 After all, yoga is an inside job!

Love and Health,

Pratibha Agarwal

Founder & Urban Yogi

Anahata Yoga Zone

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